Our Neighbourhood Plan is in consultation. Read it here.

Finally we have reached the last stage in preparing a NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN!

Leeds City Council are holding a referendum for all residents to have the opportunity of approving the plan prior to it becoming a STATUTORY PLANNING DOCUMENT. The PLAN is important as it massively strengthens our ability to influence what is developed and what it will look like. Once approved the PLAN will become a vital and legally binding statutory planning document which will have to be considered by every resident proposing an extension or alterations and every developer proposing new housing and amenities.

The PLAN will not stop new development. The PC may be able to influence planning decisions but what gets developed and where is the responsibility of Leeds City Council under guidance from the Government’s National Planning Policy. No development has been promoted or recommended in the PLAN. The relevant legislation does not permit us to have any policy that refuses all or any development.

Without a PLAN residents and the Parish Council would have little influence on future development in our area. In effect Developers would find it easier to obtain approval of their possibly unsuitable and unwelcome plans.

OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN and all associated documents can be viewed at www.barwickandscholesneighbourhoodplan.co.uk Printed copies of the PLAN can be borrowed from the Clerk 0113 3935861 or viewed at Scholes Library.

A leaflet can be downloaded from this link to explain the plan and the referendum further

Other files for download: 

 Barwick and Scholes Neighbourhood Plan

 Barwick and Scholes NP Public Notice

 Neighbourhood Plan Response Form