Our Neighbourhood Plan is in consultation. Read it here.

The Barwick in Elmet and Scholes Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to Leeds - the first stage of its examination by a Planning Inspector. An Inspector has been appointed - she is Ann Skippers and comes with a good reputation and a lot of experience. There is a further consultation before the plan is sent to the Inspector and this is likely to commence 30th January. Leeds City Council are in charge and further information will become available.

All the documents submitted as part of the plan can be accessed below or on the Neighbourhood Plan web site where you will also find additional documentation and evidence gathered as part of the plan process.

It has taken five years to reach this point and the Parish Council expresses its thanks to all those who have worked on the plan and made contributions, attended numerous consultations and responded to questionnaires.


Leeds City Council are running this final consultation from 30th January to 13th March. The full file is available below, as are response forms. A printed copy is available in Scholes library, Barwick Village Hall (contact Claire Hassell 0113 282 1231 if you require access), the Manor House, sSholes (contact Ben Hogan 0113 260 6669 if you require access). More details below.

Files for download: 

 Barwick and Scholes Neighbourhood Plan

 Barwick and Scholes NP Public Notice

 Neighbourhood Plan Response Form