An update on recent events



Building works behind Manor House, Belle Vue Road 


Work has started on the site on  Monday 25th November.   Chartford Homes have begun fencing the site for safety reasons. Some shrubbery has been removed but will be replaced in due course.

Building will not begin until the New Year.

Chartford Homes have agreed that they will send details of the scheme of works to the PC as soon as it is possible so that residents can be informed of works that may be disruptive. Information will be displayed in the Manor House.

There will be some very disruptive works as drains are put in and traffic light controls will be used.

Residents are asked to let the PC know if the disruption is causing concern.



East Leeds Orbital Road (ELOR) 


Planning application 17/04351/LA, the East Leeds Orbital Route otherwise known as ELOR, was commented on by Barwick In Elmet and Scholes Parish Council. The planning application is for "the construction of a dual carriageway orbital route incorporating new roundabouts, cycle and pedestrian bridges, underpass and over bridge; laying out of country park on land Between Ring Road Shadwell And Thorpe Park Leeds".

Our comment can be found at the Leeds City Council portal at

The Parish Council objected to the application on the grounds that the road's design does not minimise air, noise and visual pollution to east Leeds residents. We asked that the application be put to a full public enquiry. As a follow on from our submission, a Parish Council delegation wrote a series of questions to Leeds City Council's ELOR team and met with four of the ELOR team on 6th October.

This presentation is a summary of the questions (in blue text) and the ELOR team's responses (in black text). 

The Parish Council continues to consider the information received, and intends to meet again with from the ELOR team.

Please comment on the above, and on the presentation; these comments may be discussed with the ELOR team at the next meeting.


Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result

Thanks to everyone who turned out to vote in the referendum on whether or not to adopt the Barwick in Elmet and Scholes Neighbourhood Plan. It was a great turn out with 1,439 votes, of which a huge 92.77% were in favour.

Please visit the Neighbourhood Plan page for more details. 






LE TOUR is coming to Scholes and Barwick.  From Thorner the pellaton will cross the A64 and ride Scholes Lane.  There is to be a speed trial in Scholes, lovely straight track down Station Road.  On to Main Street, Leeds Road and into Barwick, a quick left at the New Inn and a right at the Maypole and off to Aberford.  Ladies in the morning, gents later in the day, lots of fit bodies in lycra!

THE LE TOUR ROADSHOW is coming to BARWICK THURSDAY 18 FEBRUARY AT 18.00. (6.00PM)  BARWICK VILLAGE HALL CHAPEL LANE.  Come and find out more, everyone is welcome, from Scholes, Potterton, further afield in Whinmoor, Seacroft, Garforth and , of course, our neighbouring parishes.  Why not volunteer to be a TOUR MAKER AND BE REALLY INVOLVED.

With lots of spectators around they will need entertaining, feeding and refreshing.  The possibility of setting up lots of stalls and facilities on Jack Heaps Field in Barwick is being investigated and suggestions for Scholes would be most welcome.  Parking will be prohibited on the route so where can visitors park?

COME ON - GET INVOLVED - LOTS OF IDEAS, LOTS OF HELP IS NEEDED - JUST SEND YOUR CONTACT e-mail or phone to the Clerk and you will be contacted or better still come to the VILLAGE HALL IN BARWICK, 6.0PM THURSDAY 18 FEBRUARY.





We have been informed of the following important dates:





Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 November 2.00 - 8.00pm


Thursday 26 November 2.00 - 6.30pm


Monday 30 November 3.00 - 8.00pm


Wednesday 2 December 3.00-6.45pm


Thursday 3 December 2.30 -6.45pm


Monday 7 December 2.30-7.00pm


Site Allocations Plan and Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan Publication Drafts

Following consideration of the Site Allocations and Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plans by Executive Board on 15th July 2015, there will now be a consultation period from Tuesday 22nd September until Monday 16th November (8 weeks).

Full details can be found here. 

Proposed Development at East Scholes

Barwick in Elmet and Scholes Parish Council invited GMI/Barratt-Wilson to attend a meeting on Tuesday 24 February specifically to advise the Council of the changes that have been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate as part of their appeal against refusal of the application to develop the East Leeds site

The changes are:-

  • Reduction in number of units from 700 to 650
  • Not proceeding with building a new Primary/Junior School
  • Providing a park and additional playground adjacent to the existing sports fields
  • Providing £950,000 to Leeds Education for potential expansion of the existing school
  • Providing funding towards secondary education
  • The Morwick Road Site to be made available to the Parish Council/Leeds Education for possible expansion of the school and parkland
  • Improving the pavements on Leeds Road for safer pedestrian use
  • Highway mitigation by installing traffic lights at the junctions of the A64 with Scholes Lane and Thorner Lane along with the proposals making further modest changes to the original application

So that residents now have the opportunity to receive the information given to the Parish Council at first hand it is planned to hold two Public Meetings, one mid week and one at the weekend - probably at St Phillips Church. GMI/Barratt-Wilson will attend both meetings and give a presentation. Please look out for details of dates and times. The Parish Council have again made it clear that they remain opposed to the application

Objections can still be made to the Planning Inspectorate at or in writing enclosing 3 copies to The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/10B eagle Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN by 26 March quoting REFERENCE APP/N4720/15/3003510

All the objections submitted against the original application are passed to the inspectorate so they are only looking to receive new objections, particularly any based on any amendments.

The Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate will be heard in June at the earliest (almost certainly in Leeds) and is projected to last 2 weeks. The public can attend and listen to the evidence presented. Residents can request to speak at the Enquiry but must apply to the Inspector for his agreement to do so. Information can be found on the Planning Inspectorate web site.

Wind Turbine Planning Application 

An application has been submitted for a 37m high wind turbine at Woodhouse Farm. It is a vertical axis design with 14m diameter vertical blades. Comments are invited by Leeds City Council by the 26th of March 2015.

The document here has more details.

Appeal Against Rejection of Application for East of Scholes

Scholes Dev Co Ltd and Barratt David Wilson have lodged an appeal against Leeds City Council's decision not to grant them approval to develop the c700 homes site to the east of Scholes. The appeal will be dealt with by Public Inquiry - date and time to be confirmed.

This letter was received by the Clerk to the Parish Council, Parish Councillors and all residents who commented on the original planning application.

Site Allocations Plan Update

On 11 February 2015 the Leeds City Council Executive Board approved the recommendations in David Feeney's report on the proposed Site Allocations Plan. The three recommendations are:-

1. Agree the site allocations proposals set out in the report and its appendices as the basis on which to prepare the Site Allocations Plan and the Aire Valley Leeds Action Plan Publication Draft Plans, for consideration by the Development Plan Panel and approval of the Executive Board prior to deposit for public consultation in 2015.

2. To agree the areas identified in the report for further work and to note that further refinement to the proposed allocations may be necessary in the light of the work on plan preparation and further evidence coming forward.

3. Agree to withdraw the Council's Interim PAS Policy with immediate effect.

It was emphasised that no sites are released at this time and there will be a full Public Consultation on the final recommendations in due course later this year.

Appeal Launched Over 700 Scholes Homes Plan

The Parish Council have been advised by GMI/Barratt/Wilson that they have submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in connection with their application to develop the East Leeds PAS Site. Your Parish Council will continue to object to the development of this site. All the original objections will be passed to the Inspector but further objections can be registered and are particularly advantageous if they highlight issues not previously submitted.

The Parish Council will issue the details of where to send objections in due course.

GMI/Barratt/Wilson indicate that they are not going to appeal the Morwick Grove Site and that they have made amendments to the application for 
East of Scholes - 14/01211/OT.

The Parish Council feels that it is time for GMI/Barratt/Wilson to hold a further Public Consultation to discuss their amendments and to give residents the opportunity to express their views and suggestions and will discuss arranging this with the developer.

Details of any consultation will be advertised widely to ensure residents have the opportunity to attend.

For further information - the attached link takes you to the Wetherby News summary.

Housing Needs Survey

Following the Housing Survey that is currently being delivered to all residents of the Parish, the attached document provides additional information - in the form of Frequently Asked Questions.

Please click here to view

East Leeds Extension - Consultative Forum

Please see below the minutes from the meeting in the Manor House on the 22nd July 2014, and the agenda for the meeting on Thursday 15th January 7:00pmPM - Whinmoor St Paul's C of E, Primary School, Whinmoor Crescent, Leeds LS14 1EG

Meeting Minutes 22/07/2014

Agenda Meeting 15/01/2015

HS2 Residents' Charter

Today, HS2 has launched our Residents' Charter, to help ensure that residents are treated in a fair, clear, competent and reasonable manner. The charter, which can be viewed here, sets the standards that HS2 will aim to meet when communicating with people who apply to the property schemes available for each phase of the route.

For Phase Two, there is currently one scheme available: the Phase Two Exceptional Hardship Scheme (Phase Two EHS). Property owners living along the Phase Two route who are in a situation of exceptional hardship and have an urgent need to sell, but have not been able to do so, except at a substantially reduced price because of the railway, can apply to the Exceptional Hardship Scheme, details of which can be found here.

A Residents' Commissioner, Deborah Fazan, has also been appointed to ensure that HS2 Ltd meets its commitment to the communication standards and personal support set out in the new charter.

Update on Phase One

Also this morning the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin, announced a package of compensation and assistance for property owners along the Phase One (the London to West Midlands section) of HS2. The announcement follows a public consultation on two additional schemes that ran from July to September 2014. Details of all the property schemes that are and will be available for Phase One can be found here..

It is important to note that Phase One is at a more advanced stage than the Phase Two (the section from the West Midlands to Leeds, Manchester and beyond), and that there will be a separate consultation on Phase Two property schemes in due course.

Complaints Procedure

Please click here to see the Formal Complaints Procedure against Barwick in Elmet and Scholes Parish Council, or its members.

Planning Application - Land off Morwick Grove

Outline application for residential development -

please click here for further details.

Update on the Scholes PAS Sites

Please see the attached files. These are pages 1 and 2 of a letter received from Nathaniel Lichfield, the consultancy partner acting for GMI development.

Page 1

Page 2

Roadworks and Timetable Information

At the recent Parish and Town Council Forum Annual Meeting, there was a presentation about the following link

Feel free to explore - check out road works, real time bus information, primary gritting routes and camera locations. To get started type in your location (e.g. Barwick or Scholes) in the top right hand box and off you go. The site will remember your location when you next log in (on the same computer).

A Small Victory for Scholes and Barwick-in-Elmet


Thursday 12 December GMI presented an outline of their proposed application to build 700 houses on PAS land behind Belle Vue and 45 houses on the Wood Lane site to Leeds City Plans Panel.

They did not present any new information or different ideas to that presented at their public consultations.

Alec Shelbrooke, our MP, Claire Hassell on behalf of the Parish Council and George Hall for our residents all spoke strongly and effectively against the proposal, that the development is premature as the sites have not been released for development and that the development is not sustainable due to the highways infrastructure, lack of public transport and totally inadequate drainage.

Chair of the Panel, Councillor Taggart summed up that Leeds had already indicated to GMI that the site had not been released and nothing said today changed that, that currently GMI had not offered any viable solutions to the highways and drainage problems so the sites were not sustainable and finally advised them to look at other sites that had been released in the East Leeds Extension Plan or at the brown field site at Thorpe Arch and apply to develop them first, before PAS sites.

The speakers were supported by 6 Parish Councillors, representatives from SOS and a large number of residents. Thank you to all those supporters.

This is not the end, only the beginning as GMI are still likely to submit an Outline Planning Application and when that happens everyone needs to send in an individual objection. The Parish Council and our Ward Councillors will be writing to every house in the Parish encouraging people to respond. Help will be available with this when the time comes.

Selective Part-night Switching Initiative - Harewood

Please see below details of Leeds City Council's Selective Part-night switching initiative. The overview map shows the areas that will be switched off between midnight and 5.00am.

General Information

Overview Map

Parish Council Newsletter

The October 2014 edition of the Parish Council newsletter has now been prepared and is available to download. Click here to view:

Site Allocations Plan - Barwick and Scholes in detail

Please see attached here, details of Leeds City Council's 8 week public consultation period, starting Monday 3rd June. This is the first consultation stage in the decision making process of where development will take place across the Leeds District. In addition, the Parish Council has produced a document that will very shortly be posted to every household in the Parish, that explains in detail what effect these proposals might have on our local community. It also details 3 drop in sessions/meetings that the Parish Council have arranged in Barwick and Scholes within the next few weeks. Please make every effort to read this document and to attend one of these events. Your views are important. Please click here to read the document.

In addition there are 2 lists of helpful questions prepared by Leeds City Council on the issues under consideration. These 2 lists are available if you click here and here.

Please see attached here details of the Parish Council's response to Leeds City Council's questionnaire, regarding the possible development of sites within Barwick and Scholes.

Neighbourhood Watch Update

See attached here the latest release

Crime Prevention Plan Newsletter

See attached here the latest release.

Community Infrastructure Levy

Please see attached here, the Parish Council's response to Leeds City Council's invitation to comment on the CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

Parish Council Chairman's Report For 2013/14

The Parish Council Chairman's Report is incorporated into the May 2014 Newsletter, and it can be read here.

Parish Council Social Media Policy 

This link sets out the agreed Code of Practice that provides guidance to Barwick in Elmet and Scholes Parish Councillors in the use of online communications, collectively referred to as social media. It is also intended for guidance for others communicating with the Parish Council.

Plans for the Future Development of East Leeds

The Parish Council has taken the opportunity to produce a summary document of Leeds City Council's plans for the development of East Leeds. The Parish Council hopes that this document will answer a number of questions and concerns that have been circulating for some time, regarding development near to our villages.

Please click here to read the document.

HS2 Proposed High Speed Rail Link

Most residents will have seen the recent announcement that the Government has published the initial preferred route of the HS2 rail link from Birmingham to Leeds through Nottingham and

Derby calling at Sheffield Tinsley with a spur to join the East Coast Main Line near Church Fenton and onto York. However, the completion is scheduled for 2033 which is 20 years away.
The York spur will be of some interest to the residents of this Parish as the route runs through the southern end of the Parish close to Garforth. This spur starts from Woodlesford and the
map opposite shows the HS2 line crossing the Leeds-York-Selby rail line at the top end of Nanny Goat Lane, then running alongside the M1 Motorway towards Hawks Nest Wood, crossing
Barwick Road where the road also crosses the M1 and then progressing eastwards north of Micklefield, crossing the A1M and on towards Church Fenton where it would join the existing
main line to York. This is however only the initial preferred route. There will be numerous surveys, feasibility studies, and consultations with all interested parties, residents, councillors,
businesses, indeed the public at large before any form of an outline planning application is submitted and the route may well change during that process.

on the news recently our local MP Alec Shelbrooke who has expressed his concern on the proposals near to Woodlesford. A number of pressure and protest action groups have already
been set up and there is a host of information available on the HS2 website 
The following documents provide more information:

Whilst the route through our Parish may not cause too much of an alarm its route through some of our other local areas is somewhat more contentious and many residents will have seen

The Parish Council has not at this stage had an opportunity to consider these proposals and it may well be some time before sufficient information is available for a considered view to be taken. Our vigilant Ward Councillors who represent the residents of the Parish at Leeds City Council are aware of the situation and will keep a close watch on any developments as they come forward. The Parish Council will also keep residents advised when more information becomes available and there will be ample opportunity for all residents to air their views in due course. 

Map showing proposed route through our parish.

Phase Two Exceptional Hardship Scheme leaflet

130130 Annex - Statutory system of land and property compensation

Phase Two Exceptional Hardship Scheme Consultation 

Parish Council Gazebos

The Parish Council has recently acquired 2 gazebos which can be loaned, free of charge, for use by and Parish and Charity Organisations.

For more details click here.  

Doctor's Surgeries

The telephone numbers for the Doctor's surgeries in Barwick, Garforth and Aberford have changed since the 1st November 2012 and are using normal 0113 numbers instead of the costly 0844 numbers. See details here.


Leeds City Council have adopted a zero tolerance policy to illegal advertising on the highway and flyposting. Numerous prosecutions have been served and successfully processed through the courts. Advertising of events that are defined as "In accordance with the community benefit aspect" are allowed - however please refer to the following link for detailed information.

Local Amenities 

Barwick Miners Institute has recently undergone substantial improvements, including a replacement floor, heating and general repairs. The hall can be used for a variety of activities and in addition there are 2 full size snooker tables, again recently renovated. Please direct any enquiries to Rod Kemp, on 0113-2813005.

Barwick Village Hall has recently undergone some changes, and is now available for parties, weddings and meetings - it has kitchen facilities and bar service can be arranged. See contact details on the Useful Contact Information page, or email The Telecoms company TalkTalk ( ) has kindly agreed to provide sponsorship to enable the purchase of a new notice board.

Parish Plan and Village Design Statement

Parishioners will recall receiving a Questionnaire Survey, which was the start of the exercise of producing a revised Parish Plan and Village Design Statement. The information received from these questionnaires, together with the results of various surveys carried out with different groups of residents (including school children) has now been collated. The 2012 Parish Plan and a 2012 Parish Plan summary have now been produced.

These in turn have formed the basis of the the Village Design Statement (VDS) prepared by David Gluck of "Ruralis" after widespread consultation within the Parish. The Village Design Statement may be defined as a document that describes the qualities and characteristics local people value in their community, and one which sets out clear and simple guidance for the design of all development in the Parish and recommend actions for improvement. It will be a guidance document that we aim to have adopted by Leeds City Council as a Supplementary Planning Document, giving it some legal clout in considering development proposals by the local authority, government departments, developers and individual property owners wishing to carry out alterations.

The finished document is now available (click here). The Parish Council thanks all residents who read the draft VDS and sent in their comments and views. These have all been carefully considered - many of which have been added to the VDS, and some were thought to be more relevant to the NDP and will be incorporated there. The VDS has now been submitted to Leeds City Council and it will be some months before we get a response. Once accepted, this website will be updated. Printed copies are now available to read in Scholes library, The Manor House, The Dentists in Scholes and Barwick Doctor's surgery.

Conservation Areas

Click here to see the recently published  Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan for Barwick in Elmet. You can also view the boundaries of the Conservation Area here

The Scholes Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan has also been approved.

Scholes Lodge Farm

This is the fenced off triangular area of land in Scholes, between Leeds Road/Main Street and the Coronation Tree. As you will be aware, this land is owned by the Parish Council, via an S106 agreement and is designated as public open space. Because of the historic nature of the site the Parish Council has requested an archaelogical survey to be carried out - see here. This details the history of the site and how future enhancements might be accommodated. The suggestions in the file are the result of meetings/feedback in the past, further meetings/consultations will follow in due course.  

Dog Owners

Please clear up after your dog and use the black waste bins around the village or take it home and use your own black bin. Wardens have issued fixed penalty notices - Beware and ensure your dog has a name tag.

Jack Heaps Field

Due to the irresponsible behaviour of dog owners who fail to clear up after their dogs the Parish Council has unanimously decided that dogs will be banned from this area in future.


The land was donated to the Parish by Jack Heaps and was intended as a play area for young children. It is therefore unacceptable that dog mess is left as a danger to children. It is regretted that responsible dog owners who do use the dog bin provided will find this ban of some inconvenience but the welfare of the children is of primary importance. Leeds City dog wardens will be keeping a close watch on the situation. There is general concern throughout the Parish at irresponsible dog owners who do not clear up after their dogs and efforts will be made to prosecute if appropriate. Dog owners are advised that it is now permissible to place plastic dog poo bags in the weekly rubbish bins.